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ما يخص يوميات الثورة السورية  "د.محمد شمس الياسمين" العام 2011 م

ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية
اليوم ٢٩: الثلاثاء، ١٢ نيسان/أبريل ٢٠١١

Syrian Revolution News Round-up
Day 29: Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Peaceful against all odds!
As the Assads increase their reliance on local militia and gangs, the potential for a nationwide meltdown increases. Only the protesters’ continued commitment to nonviolence keeps the country together at this stage.


The village of Al-Baydah near the coastal city of Banyas today was the scene of a horror show mastered by the Shabbiha, the pro-Assad gangs who seem to be taking the lead in the nation-wide crackdown alongside regular security forces, loyal army troops, and selected unites of the Republic Guard. Few hundreds of them poured into the village’s main square, conduced house raids, arresting hundreds of inhabitants and dragging them to the public square where they were beaten with batons. The children were forced to watch then stage a pro-Assad rally.

We can now confirm as well, that several army officers have indeed been executed because they refused orders to open fire on unarmed protesters. The inhabitants of the city of Madaya, which remains under military siege after yesterday’s protests, assert that their son Murad Hajjo was killed by security officers for his refusal to open fire on protesters. This is what the inhabitants of the historic city of Tadmor (Palmyra) also think was the fate of their son, Muhammad Awad Al-Kanbar, whose funeral was held earlier on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, and despite the current state of siege imposed on each town in Deraa and on communities and suburbs throughout the country, several rallies were held today in support of the people of Banyas, including in Deraa City, Hrak, Kobani, Kisweh, Barzeh and Al-Tal.
Finally, around 75 students who took part in yesterday’s protests at Damascus University or refused to take part in the pro-Assad rally that hastily thrown afterwards have been summarily expelled from university or referred to a disciplinary committee for expulsion. 


A Message to The International Community:

In his address to the Libyan people following the onset of Libyan Revolution, Saif Gaddafi explained in full nauseating details how the situation will be made to degenerate into a civil war between a Benghazi-led alliance and Tripoli-led one. In his first address to the Syrian people following the onset of the Syrian Revolution, Bashar Al-Assad, laid out the plan for Syria: security-led crackdown everywhere and against all protests under the pretext of weeding out infiltrators and resisting foreign conspiracies and designs, coupled with reforms that will unfold according to his vision, his timetable, and more importantly, under his leadership.
Considering, on the one hand, that protesters are already questioning the very legitimacy of Bashar’s leadership, that violence is not succeeding in stifling their commitment to the cause and that Bashar has proven time and again that he is incapable of carrying out true reforms, the questions facing the international community are all about choosing sides and ensuring that the situation in Syria does not follow the Libyan Scenario. Rather than waiting until Bashar’s thugs on the streets bring his “prophecy” to fulfillment, world leaders need to take action now to explain to the Assads that there will be consequences to their thuggery. Assets freeze, targeted sanctions, actions by UN Commission on Human Rights and UN Security Council, all these are now steps that need to be considered. Let’s see for once if we can prevent conflict, rather than manage it.



He was the first, and will be remembered in post-Assad Syria as one of our many, many principled and courageous heroes. His name was Khalid al-Masri, a young conscript soldier, who said no when his Assad-loyalist army commander gave him the despicable order to traduce a mosque in Deraa, and beat or shoot those at prayer in it. Khalid said no -- a word unknown in Assad 1& 2 Syria -- that sad prototype of the Orwellian police state, where Big Brother kills all who rebel against his cruel and absolute rule.

For saying no, Khalid al-Masri was shot in the head point blank, to make an instant example of him. Maybe because his extraordinary stand was far too costly to a dying regime. An army insurrection by conscript soldiers, belonging to a majority population, could bring it down more quickly than one can say 'Maher, Maher, ya jaban, khod junudak 'al Golan!' (Maher, Maher, you coward, take your troops to fight on the Golan) -- a furious chant that has gone up across the towns and cities of Syria, which rousingly sums up the accusation that both Bashar and his violent brother Maher, are lions when it comes to turning their guns on their own people, but pussycats when it comes to the Israelis.
Shooting Khalid al-Masri in the head made a hero of him, not an example. In the last 48 hours, more and more soldiers and heads of army units have categorically refused to fire on unarmed protestors, and have died for their patriotic stand.


For more than 40 years, the Syrian army has been denatured by packing into it in the most sensitive positions members of the Allawite community who profess utter loyalty not to Syria, but to the Assad clan. These Generals -- with their chestfuls of undeserved medals, pinned to the khaki that clothes their over-corpulent bodies; with their fabulous financial sinecures and their appallingly-corrupt record both in Syria and in Lebanon -- have nothing in common with Khalid al-Masri. They were at war with him when he was alive, and are at war with his memory now that he has been murdered, because he and others like him show them up to be the traitors to their country that they actually are, using a position -- once made glorious by Yusef al-Azmeh -- to enrich themselves obscenely and kill their down-trodden and impoverished fellow citizens shamelessly.


من مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي



فيديو عام لمدينة بانياس يوضح خلوها من أي نشاط حياتي خوفا من بطش الأجهزة الأمنية

فيديو لأحد المعتقلين السياسين في مظاهرة حاشدة جداً

صورة لاعتقال العشرات من أهالي بانياس من قبل رجال الأمن



مظاهرة بالألاف لتشييع الشهيد خالد الوعر والتأكيد على مواصلة المسيرة خلف الشهداء فيديو1، فيديو2

فيديو جديد للشهيد تامر راشد من باب السباع الذي قتل برصاص غدر العناصر الامنية



تصوير جانب من مظاهرة أهالي الكسوة دعماً لشباب بانياس وتأكيدا على مطالب الثورة السورية فيديو1، فيديو2، فيديو3



مظاهرة أهالي جبلة نصرة لبانياس وتأكيدا على وحدة الشعب السوري فيديو1، فيديو2


عين العرب

فيديو لمظاهرة مدينة كوباني في ثلاثاء الوفاء



فيديو يوضح أثار التعذيب الشديد على أحد المعتقلين من قبل رجال الأمن السوري

مظاهرة درعا المسائية نصرة لأهالي بانياس ووفاء للشهداء فيديو1، فيديو2

فيديو جديد لأقتحام الجامع العمري يوضخ أن ما بداخله فقط ادوية ولا لوجود لأي سلاح

فيديو نشر اليوم لأحد شهداء درعا الذي قتل برصاص حي ومباشر

فيديو لمظاهرة درعا اليوم تأكيدا على عدم الرضا بالذل والخنوع

فيديو لمظاهرة تشييع أحد الشهداء وهتافات الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام



تسجيل نشر اليوم لخطبة الشيخ محمد اليعقوبي في جمعة الشهداء



فيديو لمظاهرة تشييع المجند محمد عوض القنبر الذي قتل نتيجة رفضه إطلاق النار على المتظاهرين



فيديو لمظاهرة حاشدة للشباب السوري في قبرص تنديدا ببشار الأسد وحزب البعث


بعض من التقارير الصحفية

تقرير صحيفة القدس العربي حول اعتقال الكاتب السوري فايز سارة

مقال ساخر في صحيفة القدس العربي بعنوان المندسون يصعدون إلى السماء

مقال الكاتب السوري إلياس خوري: سورية في القلب

تقرير قناة سي إن إن حول حرمان الأمن السوري علاج المصابين من المتظاهرين

مقال لهيثم مناع حول السلطة الأمنية وانتفاضة الكرامة

بيان لأطباء سوريون في أمريكا الشمالية حول الأحداث في سورية


بعض من التغطية التلفزيونية

فيديو لمداخلة شاهد عيان على أحداث بانياس للتأكيد على أن الشبيحة هم من يطلقون النار

فيديو لمداخلة الحقوقي هيثم المالح حول حقيقة من يهاجمون المتظاهرين

فيديو لشاهد عيان (أم محمد) من قرية البيضا في بانياس على قناة بي بي سي

فيديو لتقرير قناة فرانس 24 حول أحداث بانياس

فيديو لتقرير شاهد عيان من بانياس على قناة فرانس 24 حول منع وصل سيارات الإسعاف للمصابين

فيديو برنامج أجندة مفتوحة مع عبد الباري عطوان وباتريك سيل: هل النظام السوري في خطر 12 نيسان

برنامج نقطة حوار لقناة بي بي سي العربية مع السيد عبيدة نحاس حول التطورات في سوريا 12 نيسان جزء1، جزء2


من إعلام شباب الثورة

فيديو لأغنية سوف نبقى هنا

فيديو ثلاثاء الوفاء دعما لشهداء الثورة السورية

فيديو لقصيدة إذا الشعب يوماً أراد الحياة إهداء لشباب الثورة

فيديو عرس الشهداء



فيديو لرسالة من طالبة علم إلى علماء دمشق

فيديو لعصام العطار متوجها إلى شباب الثورة السورية

فيديو لمقابلة مع المصري-الأمريكي محمد رضوان الذي اتهمه النظام السوري بالعمالة والجاسوسية ثم أطلق سراحه خلال أيام





From Social Networking Websites



Video shows minimal life in Baniyas out of fear from being repressed by security forces

Video of a political prisoner in a mass demo

Photograph shows arrests of tens of residents in Baniyas by security forces



Thousands protest in the funeral procession of fallen hero Khaled al-We’r and a confirmation of a continued march behind the fallen heroes; video1, video2

Video (new) of fallen hero Tamer Rashed from Baba al-Seba’ who was shot by security agents



Partial coverage from the protest by residents of al-Kesweh confirming the demands of the Syrian Revolution; video1, video2, video3



Protest by residents of Jableh in supporting Baniyas and confirming unity of all the Syrian public; video1, video2


Ain al-Arab

Video of a protest in the city of Kubani on the loyalty Tuesday



Video shows torture marks on one those detained by Syrian security forces

Protest in Deraa in the evening in solidarity with the people of Baniyas and in honor of the fallen heroes; video1, video2

Video released today shows the breaking into Omari Mosque where only medicine was there

Video released on Sunday of fallen heroes who were killed with live ammunition gun firing

Video of Deraa protest confirming its refusal to accept oppression or humiliation

Video of a funeral procession protest of a fallen hero and the chants “the people demand the fall of the regime”



Recording released today of the sermon by Sheikh Mohamad al-Yaqubi on the Friday of Fallen heroes



Video of a funeral procession protest of the army recruit Mohamad Awad al-Qanbar who was shot for refusal to shoot at protestors



Video of a mass protest by Syrian youth condemning Bashar Asad and Baath Party


Press Reports

Report by al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper regarding the arrest of Syrian writer Fayez Sara

Article in al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper mocking the official representation of protestors as infiltrators “the infiltrators are raised to the sky”

Article by Syrian writer Ilyas Khouri: Syria in the Heart

CNN report on the deprivation of medical treatment to the wounded by Syrian security forces

Article by Haitham Manna on the Security Authority and the Revolt for Honor

Statement by Syrian Doctors of North America regarding the recent incidents in Syria


Selection of TV Coverage

Video of a call-in by an eye-witness to the events in Baniyas confirming the “Shabbiha” bands were the ones shooting live ammunition

Video of a call-in by activist Haitham Maleh regarding the truth on who attacks protestors

Video of an eye-witness (Um Mohamad) from the village of al-Bayda near Baniyas on BBC

Video report by France 24 on Baniyas incidents

Video report of an eye-witness from Baniyas on France 24 regarding the stopping of ambulance vehicles from reaching the wounded

Video of full episode of BBC program “Open Agenda” by Abdelbari Atwan and Patrick Seale

BBC Program “Dialogue Point” with Obaida Nahhas regarding the recent developments in Syria; part1, part2


From Revolution’s Media

Video of a song “we will remain here”

Video of Tuesday of loyalty supporting the fallen heroes of the Syrian Revolution

Video of a poem “If the people demand life” dedicated to the revolution youth

Video of a funeral procession of a fallen hero


Related Coverage

Video of a message from a student to the scholars of Damascus

Video of Sheikh Issam Attar addressed to the youth of the revolution

Video of an interview with Egytpian-American Mohamad Radwan who was accused by Syrian authorities of spying on Syria and conspiring with a foreign nation then was released within days


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